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Sept. 7/2016 — Sheri has enjoyed festivals with her Directorial short film, Heart Land. It was an official selection at both Milledgeville Film Fest. and Macon Fest.  She also participated on 2 panels in Milledgeville: The Industry in GA and Women in the Industry. She was honored to be invited to shadow fellow panelist Rachel Winter (producer of multi-Oscar Award winning Dallas Buyers Club) on the set of Krystal and enjoyed working with William H. Macy and Kathy Bates on the same film. As co-producer and voiceover actor in the Italian-US feature film, Bullied to Death, she is thrilled at the awards and attention it’s garnering worldwide and looking forward to its screening in Atlanta as part of Out On Film. Sheri continues to progress several screenwriting and stage projects with various collaborators and is glad to announce that shooting for the pilot of Skin Deep has been completed and it is now in post/editing. On the acting front, she looks forward to the release in early 2017 of the feature Table 19, in her role as mother-of-the-groom Sherry Grotsky. Next on the agenda: thrilled to be attending Hatch Experience 2016 at the invitation of founder Yarrow Kraner — 4 days of a creative/collaborative think tank in Big Sky, Montana? Yes, please! Stay tuned for a report on how it all went.
Sept. 7/2016 — Tendal has 2 feature films currently being screened worldwide. His dramatic lead role in the  Italian-US feature film, Bullied to Death, directed by Giovanni (Jo) Coda has audiences weeping and giving standing ovations. It has already received multiple awards at festivals in Melbourne and Europe and will screen in Atlanta on Oct. 4 as part of Out on Film. On the comedy front, Tendal plays the pivotal character role of Simon in Digital Lives Matter, from director Terri J. Vaughn and Nina Holiday Productions. It can be purchased for streaming at the DLM website. Tendal turned 18 this summer, graduated from high school in the spring and is taking a gap year before starting at Hampshire College in 2017. He was honored to receive the Humanities Award from the college in recognition of his achievements in film and on stage since age 7. After a road trip this fall, Tendal may spend time in L.A. for pilot season and beyond. Stay tuned!
Sept. 7/2016 — Royce has had a quite a summer! After winning the slam poetry competition at his school, he garnered worldwide attention from the Youtube video. His poems White Boy Privilege and All Lives Matter, But… have now been seen well over 16 million times and he has appeared in performances and interviews on the TV shows The Preachers and TD Jakes (airing later this month) as well as on CNN, CNN International, Canadian Broadcasting, People Magazine, Italian and other international press and even disparaged by Bill O’Reilly! Royce is currently considering and accepting invitations and offers of speaking engagements, film roles and additional poetry commissions. Please contact publicist Rhonda Ridley at 718-432-6412 or for further Booking information. Next up, participating in Hatch Experience 2016 at the invitation of founder Yarrow Kraner — 4 days of a creative/collaborative think tank in Big Sky, Montana and Univision’s Rise Up Together event, live streamed worldwide in Oct., along with John Legend and Common, amongst others. Subscribe to: and Follow, @therealroycemann.
March 16/2016 — Sheri is co-writer and co-producer on the new web/TV series Skin Deep — check out the Indiegogo campaign here: The pilot will be shooting in the spring.
March 16/2016 — Tendal has been cast in the recurring role of Dale in the new TV/web series, Walter Frisk Lets Go (, with the pilot shooting this spring.
March 16/2016 — Royce just closed a successful stage run with a weeklong extension in the world premiere of Brian Kurlander and Lane Carlock’s Moxie at Atlanta’s Theatrical Outfit. He co-starred as Jeffrey.
January 16, 2016 — Tendal had a great time shooting a central role in the feature film “Digital Lives Matter”, Terri J. Vaughn’s directorial debut. Look for it at local theaters later in 2016.

Assimilation Playwright Flips the Script on Native History

In a dystopian future, Western civilization has crumbled and indigenous people are in control. That’s the premise of Jack Dalton’s play “Assimilation,” now touring Alaska. It flips the history of boarding schools with whites violently assimilated into Native culture.  This film features Tendal Mann.

“Cinemecum” (Italy), December 2014, “

“If you’re jogging or walking your dog in Piedmont Park this Saturday and the guy next to you seems to be a little, well, dead, never fear. A movie called “Zombie Crush,” and billed as a “a teenage zomedy” is filming.The director of the flick is 13-year-old Tendal Mann, who has appeared on stage at the Alliance Theatre and whose screen credits include “Who Do You Love,” honored as the best narrative film at the 2010 Atlanta Jewish Film Festival. Lawayne and Dewayne Bontrager, owners of Twiin Media, LLC and Bontrager Twins Production, are serving as executive producers, production managers, editors, special effects artists and mentors to the young director.” | April 5, 2011
GIFF Hidden Treasures: Acting Family Makes Mark on the Film Fest Scene

“”I was so honored to work with the wonderful James Garner in “My Fellow Americans” (catch the film if you haven’t). It was a funny trip getting there: a role written for one actress, the producers not being able to decide at callbacks between me and Neva Howell, but we had become friends as we waited at casting and rode to and from the Biltmore Estate set with Location Casting Director, the dear Shirley Crumley (RIP), so by the time we headed back to the casting trailer to go on tape “one more time”, we bemoaned the fact that only one of us would be able to do it and wished we could share the experience together. One of us said “it’s too bad they can’t cast both of us” and Shirley, in her infinite wisdom and thinking outside the box said, “why don’t the two of you do the scene togethe r r once after you’ve done it again individually, just for fun, to show them something different?”. She asked in the moment if we needed to rehearse it (who would say which lines, etc.) — we looked at each other with gleams in our eyes and said, “Nah” and then jumped right in. She and the camera assistant couldn’t stop laughing. The next thing we knew, the writers in LA had changed the scene to use both of us. When we got to set, Director Peter Segal and Producer Jon Peters came to us with congratulations, saying “we’ve never turned one character into two based on the quality of the auditions!”. We hung out all day with Jack Lemmon, his poodle Chloe and James and when we first did our scene, James said, laughing, “you ladies should take that act on the road!” and Jack said, “you’re the funniest gals I’ve seen since the Pigeon Sisters in the Odd Couple!” and that meant a lot coming from him! Truly one of t he highlights of my career. The end of an era for me, with both of them gone. RIP, James (and Jack).” Sheri Mann Stewart, 7/20/14.”