The Mann Family

In the Mann Stewart Family, storytelling on camera and on stage is a family affair. Tendal, age 17, Royce, age 13 and Sheri and Barry (ageless): each wear many hats when it comes to creativity. Sheri, a theater grad of CUA in DC and with an MA from Antioch was a student of the famed Stella Adler as well as many other wonderful acting teachers in LA, NYC. She is now back in her birthplace of Atlanta where she teaches actors of all ages what she has learned from the Masters while she continues to add challenging roles and now Directing positions to her resume.

TheMannClanBarry is a Harvard alum and trained at the esteemed Neighborhood Playhouse in NY prior to receiving his MFA in Theater in San Diego and appearing in numerous productions there and throughout the country since.

Tendal and Royce each began their careers asking if they might audition at the Tony-Award-Winning Alliance Theater for the role of Tiny TIm. In the end, each one played the role 3 seasons and played older roles for several more years, launching them into dozens of more pro theater, film and television productions. Indie filmmaking has become a family tradition with all the family  now having written, produced, starred and directed so many films of their own and for other artists who have gone to festivals and won awards that they’ve lost count. In the upcoming year, new films such as ‘Superdog’ (Royce), ‘Table 19′ (Sheri) and ‘Southsouthwest’ and ‘Bullied to Death’ (Tendal) will open around the world and each will feature one of the Mann Family artists. To keep up with Barry, please visit his personal site at For the rest,  just follow the prompts (and thanks for stopping in).